Infinity provides hassle-free, tier one solar panel installations for real estate companies and private homes. This micro-level renewable energy track will revolutionize the way households and individuals access power, with many sided benefits. Installing Solar Panels at home will provide large savings on electricity bills, while enabling you and your family to contribute to clean energy production. Infinity Homes provides financing options that will cater to every budget and works with several architectural firms to offer design options that will add to the aesthetic of your home. Infinity Homes offers a smooth process from design to installation, and ensures choosing Solar for your home is seamless, enjoyable process.


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EV Home Chargers from EVBox

With over 100 charging points to date in greater Cairo and a plan to install more than 300 charging locations by 2023 across the country, Infinity is the fastest growing electric vehicle network in Egypt. Major roads are currently being equipped with our DC fast chargers to enable customers to travel freely without range anxiety. We believe most of your charging will be done at home, this is why Infinity offers Elvi home chargers with power of up to 22Kw to meet all charging needs for now and the future at a competitive price.