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Powering with nature

Infinity is transforming the renewable energy industry in Egypt by providing solutions for a cleaner, more sustainable future. We maximize the role of clean energy by harnessing its capacity to power our societies and communities in ways that better support and sustain the environment. We develop, finance, own and operate renewable energy solutions that facilitate long-term clean power to Egypt and Africa. We believe in the power of nature.

Comprehensive renewable energy

Infinity provides comprehensive renewable energy solutions to power cities, industries, and homes directly from nature to improve energy security, support environmental sustainability, and provide superior value. Our vision is to enable a cleaner and more sustainable future. We are the only company in Egypt that provides a variety of clean energy solutions across several sectors and scales – solar, wind, waste to energy, and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions.

We provide sustainable energy solutions that respect the environment while enabling communities to realize their full potential.
For a cleaner and more sustainable future

For nearly a decade, Infinity has been leading the shift to a sustainable future for Egypt and Africa, through meticulously developed, commercially viable energy solutions that provide efficient and sustainable access to energy resources for everyone.

Our work at Infinity has one major ecological and ethical purpose: To contribute to the transition to a clean energy model that will provide the impact necessary to reach this goal and power our societies in the ways that protect our planet.

Our Partners

EVBox, Europe’s leading EV charging manufacturer and provider, partnered with Infinity as the first company in Egypt with exclusive rights with the globally renowned company.

Germany’s SunBrush® mobil GmbH develops, produces, and sells cleaning devices for photovoltaic installations and building facades. It utilizes its engineering expertise in the in-house development of its cleaning systems and operates its own test center. SunBrush partnered with Infinity to open a service base at Africa's largest solar power plant. Infinity’s team will maintain and repair the 24 SunBrush® mobil Compact cleaning devices currently in use at the 1.47 GWp Benban Solar Park near Aswan.


Infinity Power Holding B.V is a joint venture between Infinity and Masdar to target power generation projects through renewable energy sources namely solar and wind technologies on the Utility-scale and commercial and industrial scales in Egypt, Africa and the Levant. The Company aims to grow exponentially in markets across the region to enable and cater to the growing renewable energy potential.

Infinity Power brings together both companies’ strong track record of developing and operating renewable energy assets.

We believe that electricity is a human right, particularly when delivered in sustainable ways that ensure a healthy and secure future.
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Infinity is keen on expanding its team with enthusiastic and motivated candidates who share the same vision and dedication for a greener environment. If you are interested to join our team, please send your CV to recruitment@weareinfinity.com

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