Infinity provides high-quality development services to ensure every aspect of the planning, designing, executing, testing and integration of solar projects meets our client’s needs from beginning to end.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Infinity provides comprehensive EPC services including designing, procuring, constructing, and commissioning power plants, as well as solar solutions for carports and rooftops. Our team of experts ensures peak performance for our clients’ assets, with onsite operation and maintenance, remote monitoring and analysis, fast failure detection, and technical assessment.



capacity 240 MWp
of total installed


557,000 MWh generated
per year


256,000 homes Generated enough energy to power


saved per year 208,000 tonnes of carbon emissions


installed to date Electric Vehicle charging points
Operations & Management (O&M)

Infinity O&M services help solar energy asset owners maximize returns with an increase in solar energy generation, plant availability, and operations that exceed the targeted performance ratio. To ensure continuity of operations and optimal performance, we also provide onsite operations and maintenance as well as remote monitoring and analysis.

Asset Management

Infinity Asset Management Services ensure the optimization of administration and financial management throughout the project lifecycle to favorably impact return on investment (ROI).

Our Asset Management Services cover four key areas: Performance Management Financial Management, Compliance Management, and Risk Management. Our Performance Management services ensure the long-term health of the project’s physical assets, identify underperforming projects and implement solutions to optimize performance and maximize energy generation.

Through Financial Management, we actively manage all assets related financial transactions for our clients, and our Compliance Management services ensure compliance with all asset agreements and obligations to mitigate potential revenue leakage. Our Risk Management services identify the needs and savings opportunities of our clients by effectively monitoring assets’ warranties and insurance.

We believe that electricity is a human right, particularly when delivered in sustainable ways that ensure a healthy and secure future.
Energy Sales

Infinity produces and sells energy throughout Egypt and Africa using its own production assets. The energy is monetized through various programs such as feed-in tariffs, BOO, BOOT via government Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and then sold to customers.

Power Distribution

Infinity supports power generation and distribution to Egypt and Africa by providing consultation and services for electricity networks. Our power distribution sector connects electricity from plants to cities on an infrastructural scale, to homes and compounds on a commercial scale.

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