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Solar Energy

With 3,451 hours of daylight a year and sunlight during 78.7% of daylight hours (ranging between 2900 - 3200 sunlight hours annually), Egypt is a prime location to exploit solar energy for electricity generation and thermal heating application.

Our 1 MW Infinity 1 Solar Plant was the first to connect to the Egyptian grid as part of the Egyptian Feed in Tariff Program (FIT) in the Green Belt of 6th of October. Infinity is proud to be the largest Egyptian contributor to the Benban Solar Park, Africa’s largest photovoltaic power station with an estimated capacity of 1,465 MWp.

This essential and groundbreaking project is managed by the Egyptian government and was implemented by the Benban Developers’ Association (BDA), a consortium of market leaders in the field.

Wind Energy

In addition to Infinity’s demonstrated expertise in solar energy, wind energy is a key component of our expanding portfolio of renewable energy solutions. Egypt has one of the best locations in the world to harness onshore wind energy, particularly in the coastal regions of the Gulf of Suez, where the average wind speed goes up to 10 m/s, and the large uninhabited desert areas are well suited for the construction of large wind farms. The area has an overall potential capacity of 30,000 MW for wind power projects, and over 2,000 MW are in the pipeline for development in the near future.

We believe that electricity is a human right, particularly when delivered in sustainable ways that ensure a healthy and secure future.

Infinity actively participates in the nation-wide program of Waste-to-Energy created to resolve Egypt’s growing waste management challenges.

Waste-to-Energy is one of the renewable energy sources that has not been fully exploited in the region. It is a term that describes a variety of technologies that converts organic waste/ biomass into usable forms of energy.

Waste-to-Energy largely enables improved waste management in urban and isolated communities, providing solutions for managing municipal solid waste “MSW”, sewage sludge, landfill gas from landfilling operations that could result in serious greenhouse gas emissions.

EV Charging

Since 2018, Infinity has been establishing an EV charging network across Egypt. In collaboration with globally renowned EVBox, Europe’s leading electric vehicle charging manufacturer and provider, we are building the fastest-growing EV network in Egypt. We cooperate with strategic partners in several industries to ensure the best, most reliable charging infrastructure for residents, businesses and cities.

All Infinity EV charging stations adhere to EU standards.

We provide sustainable energy solutions that respect the environment while enabling communities to realize their full potential.
Power Distribution

Infinity supports power generation and distribution to Egypt and Africa by providing consultation and services for electricity networks. Our power distribution sector connects electricity from plants to cities on an infrastructural scale, to homes and compounds on a commercial scale.

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