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Solar Energy

Infinity provides comprehensive end-to-end solar services for commercial and industrial clients from designing the system and procuring the components, to installing and maintaining the project. Our team of experts will help determine your energy needs to implement the most effective renewable solutions for your business.

Infinity is certified by the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) in Egypt to install grid-connected solar systems up to 20 MW. Our commercial solutions include on-grid, off-grid, back up and hybrid, in addition to solar lighting, solar carports, and solar powered energy systems and water pumps.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels
  • Solar panels can completely power your business or factory and possibly eliminate electricity bills.
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Protect against changing utility rates
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Increase property value
  • Ensure consistent power source that is easily maintained
  • Guarantee up to 25 years* of free electricity from the sun
Getting Started

What we need to know about your business to get started:

  • Current electricity loads + expenses
  • Location and amount of space available to use to design the solar solution

Our team of experts will recommend the best power generating solution for your business between:

  • Engineering, Procurement, Consulting (EPC)
  • Independent Power Purchase (IPP)

W2E technologies include specialized waste treatment processes that create energy in the form of heat or electricity from either thermal conversion of waste to energy or biological conversion of organic waste to energy. Infinity offers cutting-edge W2E solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial sectors to reduce waste, generate fully sustainable clean energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Specialized waste-to-energy solutions for agriculture, dairy, and F&B sectors
  • Convert organic waste into usable forms of energy such as gas, electricity, and heating
  • Produce biogas, electrical and thermal energy, and high quality organic fertilizers
EV Charging

The number of electric vehicles on the road worldwide has more than doubled in the past five years and is only expected to increase as technology improves and the number of charging stations continue to expand. Infinity offers a wide range of EV Charging options for commercial and industrial use to help businesses promote environmental stewardship, encourage customer use and opportunities for customer engagement and loyalty, and build a customer base for related businesses.

  • Wide range of commercial charging solutions
  • Business-line AC chargers offer all-day charging with the highest up-time performance
Power Distribution

Infinity is one of the fastest growing private electricity companies in Egypt, providing reliable and efficient power service using top of the line technology and best practices in maintenance. Currently, we have 120 MW of contracted power distribution, and 200 MW of future pipelines, with 25 operating projects.

We are the only licensed distributor with an in-house consultancy, and we provide value-based engineering for electrical networks. Having successfully completed 25 commercial and real estate projects.

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